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Lesbian / Лесбиянки

Искусство Эротики / The Art of Erotica (2014)

(автор - rusya, добавлено - 23-05-2014, 08:21)
Искусство Эротики / The Art of Erotica (2014)
The Art of Erotica is something Jo knows extremely well. For the past three years she has been living her dream of directing her own steamingly hot videos. Every single week she has delivered scenes of scintillating eroticism and now, for the first time, she directs a full Viv Thomas film. Enjoy Jo's vision of lesbian erotica!

Качают: 82 / Раздают: 97 / Скачало: 160
Просмотров - 1738
Комментариев - 0

Lesbian / Лесбиянки

I Love Big Tits / Я Люблю Большие Сиськи (2013)

(автор - friizze, добавлено - 21-05-2014, 12:06)
I Love Big Tits / Я Люблю Большие Сиськи (2013)Год выпуска: 2013
Описание: You'll absolutely love watching this very first DVD from the DDF Productions Studio titled, I Love Big Tits, where you'll be looking at drop dead gorgeous babes, who have the most suckable hooters on the planet and you'll be watching it in full HD, which makes you feel as though you could lean over and suck on their nipples so, put on your bib and start drooling, cause it doesn't get any better than this!

Качают: 765 / Раздают: 914 / Скачало: 1009
Просмотров - 864
Комментариев - 0

Anal / Анальное порно, Gonzo / Гонзо порно, Hardcore / Жёсткий секс, Lesbian / Лесбиянки, P.O.V. / От первого лица

Брутальные девки / Brooke Wylde, Chloe Addison, Mary Jane Mayhem (Racks and Rifles) (2014)

(автор - rusya, добавлено - 15-05-2014, 20:20)
Брутальные девки / Brooke Wylde, Chloe Addison, Mary Jane Mayhem (Racks and Rifles) (2014)
Описание: Mary Jane Mayhem, Brooke Wylde, and Chloe Addison were out in the desert, practicing their marksmanship skills and getting their tan on. The kickback made their mouth-watering big tits jiggle, but none of the busty sluts would let the hot sun on their naked skin distract them from the task at hand. The only thing that could make the three buxom babes abandon their drills was finding Johnny Sins catching some Z's in the noonday sun. The three busty sluts gave him an incredible wake up call, shoving their gorgeous titties in his face and sucking his dick until he was rock hard and ready to show them how a military man fucks. The three horny babes took turns sucking and fucking Johnny's fat cock and then he got to practice a little marksmanship of his own, getting a direct hit on all three of their faces with a big load of jizz!

Качают: 292 / Раздают: 113 / Скачало: 134
Просмотров - 973
Комментариев - 0

Lesbian / Лесбиянки

Big Titty Lesbians 4 / Лесбиянки с большими сиськами 4 (2014)

(автор - friizze, добавлено - 7-05-2014, 12:22)
Big Titty Lesbians 4 / Лесбиянки с большими сиськами 4 (2014)Big Breasted BFF's become lesbo fuck buddies!

Noelle never knew how much she loved women until she sucked on Bibi's huge breasts and sweet pink pussy during her first private webcam show, she'll definitely be back for more! Keisha stopped dating a guy when her pal Blake got jealous because she wanted to get in her pants instead of his! Lyli and Brianna skipped Bible study to stay in and have passionate sex, HALLELUJAH! Ashlee rented a hotel room for Samantha because friends don't let friends drink and drive and because she wanted to lick, suck and finger her to orgasm!

Качают: 703 / Раздают: 638 / Скачало: 986
Просмотров - 1646
Комментариев - 0

Lesbian / Лесбиянки

Big Titty Lesbians / Большегрудые Лесбиянки (2012)

(автор - friizze, добавлено - 7-05-2014, 11:26)
Big Titty Lesbians / Большегрудые Лесбиянки (2012)Описание: Starring Emily Addison & Anissa Kate! Curvaceous Lesbos Lick, Suck And Caress Each Other To Orgasm! Pussies, Assholes, And Titties Throughly Licked And Sucked In Every Scene! Busty Nymphos Can't Resist Each Other's Pussies And Breasts! Sabrina has always been her pal Heather's shoulder to cry on, so she decided to repay the favor by going down on her sweet twat. Adriana's boyfriend doesn't want her hanging out with Jessica anymore, so they decided to give him something to be jealous about! Emily couldn't resist her friend Anissa's delicious ass and 37D boobies when she crawled into her bed! Raylene's pussy got soaking wet when she saw Christie's boobies poppin' out of her red dress, so she couldn't resist sucking and fucking her like a dirty little slut. Summer noticed new sister-in-law Siri's huge rack at her wedding so she decided that seducing her wouldn't be a big deal since she is keeping it in the family!

Качают: 919 / Раздают: 875 / Скачало: 933
Просмотров - 1092
Комментариев - 0

Lesbian / Лесбиянки

I Love Big Toys 13 / Я люблю большие игрушки 13 (2008)

(автор - friizze, добавлено - 29-04-2014, 08:21)
I Love Big Toys 13 / Я люблю большие игрушки 13 (2008)Описание: There's no room for wimpy little bullets and vibrators here, because we've got a handful of giant dildos and dongs! And it's a good thing because director Mario Rossi has brought you six new girls that will only take it big and large. First, watch Tia Ling, Veronika Vixen, and Priva stretch their pussies nice and wide. Then check out Mia Lelani, Lindsay Kay, and Alexandra Sinz pound their pussies with some monster dongs. Who's afraid of the big bad toy? They're not!

Качают: 674 / Раздают: 386 / Скачало: 713
Просмотров - 1188
Комментариев - 0

Lesbian / Лесбиянки

Unbridled: Free From All Restraint / Необузданный: Свободный От Всего Ограничения (2011)

(автор - friizze, добавлено - 28-04-2014, 09:46)
Unbridled: Free From All Restraint / Необузданный: Свободный От Всего Ограничения (2011)
Описание: It's their ideal situation; just her and her friend, no one else around, no pressure, free to whatever they want to each other, for as long as they want. Steamy, sexy girl on girl action.

Качают: 656 / Раздают: 704 / Скачало: 734
Просмотров - 1165
Комментариев - 0

Lesbian / Лесбиянки

When The Boys Are Not Around / Когда Вокруг Нет Парней (2009)

(автор - friizze, добавлено - 28-04-2014, 07:59)
When The Boys Are Not Around / Когда Вокруг Нет Парней (2009)Описание: When The Boys Are Not Around it's time for the girls to play like they truly know how! No one can lick a pussy like a lady can, and in this four scene display of lesbian awesomeness we see how true that statement is. The stars are so hot that you'll be on the verge of drooling as they gently kiss and lick each other's features!

Качают: 721 / Раздают: 366 / Скачало: 632
Просмотров - 986
Комментариев - 0

Lesbian / Лесбиянки

Pussy Whipped / Избитые Киски (2014)

(автор - friizze, добавлено - 25-04-2014, 10:53)
Pussy Whipped / Избитые Киски (2014)Dominant blonde Aiden Starr says “Pussy Whipped,” her Evil Angel directing debut, “is about pushing the limits and popular conception of girl-girl sex and fem domination.” Tattooed, naturally stacked Arabelle Raphael writhes in a latex “strait jacket,” her nipples in nasty clips and a vibrator buzzing her twat. Busty Aiden viciously flogs her ass and cunt, sits on her face and fucks her three holes with a monstrous strap-on that looks like an octopus’ arm! Redhead Bella Rossi licks brunette beauty Sarah Shevon’s sweaty armpits and butthole; Sarah impales her asshole on an industrial “face strap-on” buckled to Bella’s head. Aiden and hot Dixie Comet wear latex face masks for their entire scene. Aiden spanks and canes Dixie’s fine ass red; Dixie’s snatch consumes Aiden’s four fingers, and Dixie gets to suck dildo pussy-to-mouth.

Качают: 692 / Раздают: 433 / Скачало: 643
Просмотров - 1315
Комментариев - 0

Feature / Порно с сюжетом, Lesbian / Лесбиянки

Hotel Eden / Отель Эдем (2014)

(автор - friizze, добавлено - 25-04-2014, 09:03)
Hotel Eden / Отель Эдем (2014)Год выпуска: 2014
Описание: Lorena is looking after her father's hotel for the holidays and mischievously moves her girlfriend, Demi, in. Things fall apart when Demi has to leave for business and Whitney arrives. Gorgeous, young and full of fun she seduces Lorena in a beautifully filmed story, set in a luxurious riverside hotel.

Качают: 820 / Раздают: 685 / Скачало: 798
Просмотров - 2268
Комментариев - 0
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